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The Best Is Yet to Come

Facing the Fears of Today With God's Hope for Tomorrow

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If you are reading this book, you undoubtedly have some fear or curiosity about the future. This book conveys the relevant message of our time. Do not fear: The Best Is Yet to Come!

The author, Sara Broyhill Anderson, gives readers a hopeful look into biblical prophecies about the future seen through the lens of God's holy character and unfailing promises.

She writes that with God on our side, we have nothing to fear: not even the end of our time or the end of all time.

Why? Because God’s overarching blueprint for humanity will culminate with His execution of holy grace and justice, giving hope to those who put their trust in Him.

A great future doesn’t mean there won’t be a struggle in the interim, but knowing how it ends gives believers hope to endure from the beginning.

Needless-to-say, the future has been set. God has promised a “to be continued” so that no matter what happens on this earth, believers can trust that...The Best Is Yet To Come.

In this book, you’ll encounter:

  • Biblical insights about the end of days 

  • Understanding the infallibility of the ultimate Author of the biblical prophecies

  • Pressing topics and ways to ready your heart, mind, and soul for what God has prepared for us

  • Habits you can build to mature in your faith

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Do you have perfect vision? 

You might not now, but you can have it!

God is calling us to the mountaintop to get a more complete perspective of the world and our journey. 

The truth is, life's ups and downs have significance. But, not just any perspective of their significance will do. God has a specific lens we must look through to focus properly to glean what the blessings and the challenges mean for us. 

Once we catch God's 20/20 vision, we can look back on all our past circumstances and see them with holy clarity. We can move forward knowing the perfect preparation God intended through them to move us forward into His purpose.

By studying Moses and the early nation of Israel, we can see how God taught them this lesson so that we too can move into our Promised land. 

God is leading you to the mountaintop; you'll just have to cross the desert to get there. Many blessings!



Journal your prayers and record God's answers! If you struggle to find the words to talk to God, you will struggle no more with this prayer journal. Sara takes you step-by-step through 6 weeks of prayer, designed to develop the virtues we want in our lives. Each week Sara provides a prayer to help us extract the words from our heart. Next, we explore Scripture exercises to expand our knowledge of that week's discipline or virtue. Then, we grow in relationship with the Lord using the dedicated pages to write God a personal letter every day of the week. Don't forget to record His answers as they happen! A special feature enables you to note things you want to remember about each day. These gems help us see how God's hand is guiding us throughout our week when we put Him first, building our faith. Happy Journaling!



About the author

Sara B. Anderson is a wife, mother of five, ministry leader, author, speaker, attorney, Christian apologist with her Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, life coach and founder of Fruits of Faith Ministries.  Sara uses her education and experience to empower parents to raise the next generation of faith on the firm foundation of God's truth. She provides the necessary tools and knowledge to help mothers reach their goals by supporting four pillars of a strong biblical family: Bible Literacy, Biblical Marriage, Parental Authority, and Early Child Training

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