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mom 2 mom
mission mentoring

Are you are a mom who God has called to mission? Schedule a coaching session with Sara to set vision and goals to move from where you are to where God needs you to be.

Mom 2 Mom Mission Mentoring

Early Child Training Course

Did you know there is a golden window of opportunity to capture your child’s mind and heart for Christ? Sign up for the course to be educated and equipped with exceptional knowledge and practical tips to train your child in the way he or she should go in today’s apostate culture.

Coming Soon
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Early Child Training Course
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parent apologetics 101

Do you know why you believe what you believe in order to pass a strong faith to your children? Learn the basic concepts of what becomes the foundation of our beliefs so that you can begin to construct an answer for the hope you have in Jesus Christ.

Parent Apologetics 101 Course

marriage course/coaching

Begin with an objective assessment on your own private computer and then schedule time with Sara to review your results. The successful process strengthens your relationship using her Pastoral counseling training and effective Prepare/Enrich worksheets and exercises.

Marriage Course/Coaching

Sara B. Anderson is a wife, mother of five, ministry leader, author, speaker, attorney, Christian apologist with her Masters of Divinity in Christian Apologetics, life coach and founder of Fruits of Faith Ministries.  Sara uses her education and experience to empower parents to raise the next generation of faith on the firm foundation of God's truth. She provides the necessary tools and knowledge to help mothers reach their goals by supporting four pillars of a strong biblical family: Bible Literacy, Biblical Marriage, Parental Authority, and Early Child Training

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